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How Good is Your Golf Grip?

I am gearing up for golf season to start. And while some of you play all year round, I know I have plenty of seasonal friends that are dusting off their clubs and looking for their golf shoes right about now.
So….I wanted to give you a little gift to make sure you have your best year ever!

At the start of every season, you want to review your fundamentals: grip, posture, aim, ball position. This helps prevent bad habits from creeping in to your swing.

Your grip is your only connection with the club and it matters…alot…that you place your hands on the club properly.

Below I have attached a grip infographic for you to check against your own grip.

A couple pieces of advice/warning for you:

  • You want a good grip because it directly influences the direction of your ball flight, your touch around the greens, and your club head speed for distance.
  • Just because your grip is comfortable does not mean it is correct.
  • Grip changes are the “hardest”  to make because you are dealing with all the senses in our hands so be patient and diligent.
  • GOOD NEWS: It usually takes only a dozen or so swings for it to feel natural.
  • AND…just because your new grip is uncomfortable doesn’t mean it is wrong.

I check my grip EVERY TIME I play because from experience I know how easy it is to get comfortable with a bad grip. AND…I know the consequences of that bad grip on my golf game.

So please download the infographic  below. Snap a screenshot or print it out but take it with you to the golf course.

Hope you have an amazing season of good golf and good times!
Grip Checkpoints


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