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Weight Loss Group

If you are here, you are interested in the group that I am starting to teach you how I lost my weight and provide you with the tools to NEVER regain it.

This is the thing. This is not some magic pill or diet or calorie counting or woo-woo thinking. Let me tell you, I have tried them all! Always thinking there was a diet secret and inevitably that there was something wrong with me.

It really was exhausting and took up so much of my brain thinking about it all the time.

Truly, there is one main reason why we gain or can’t lose weight – OVEREATING. This is the symptom. And why we have failed in the past is we tackle the symptom instead of the cause.

There are two central causes to why we overeat:

  1. Over Hunger
  2. Over Desire

The rest of it is coaching and the tools I can show you to clean up the part that leads us to regain it all. The part that keeps us feeling miserable, hopeless or frustrated.

For me, I always thought I could figure it all out on my own.

Heck, I am smart, I am curious, I’m a hard worker, I’m athletic. WTH?

I thought I must be broken.

I have two videos below explaining Buffering, Over Hunger and Over Desire.

Video 1  – Buffering

Video 2 – Over Hunger and Over Desire

I am so happy to share these with you and if I have taught you a few things or shed some light on your own struggles, fantastic.

If you would like to join a small group and get more support and details on how to learn tools to implement this in your life, I have a link below.

This is the thing though…
  • I only want you to join if you are committed to putting in the work.
  • I want you to join if you are willing to be curious about what you eat or drink and why.
  • I want you to join if you want to be done dieting once and for all.

I am not going to promise you that you won’t be uncomfortable.

Discomfort is the currency of your dreams.

What you are experiencing now is a form of discomfort anyway but it is negative. It makes you miserable. It makes you beat yourself up. It makes your relationships or jobs suffer. It comes with a hefty price actually.

We can tolerate the discomfort that leads to our goals because we know we are becoming a better version of ourselves.

So I only want you to join if you are committed.

I need you to be a invested in yourself.

This is what we will do in the group:

  • 3 months in length
  • 12 live coaching calls (about 1 hour long) via Zoom that will be recorded so you can watch when you are free.
  • Support material with “homework” (yup)
  • Email or text support as much as you need.
  • You do not have to interact on the Zoom call, you can remain anonymous if you like. There is a lot to learn as I answer other people’s questions and how you find it relatable.
  • Tentative start date beginning of August…time and date subject to change.

While you will lose weight, you will also lose the desire to overeat and have the skills to keep going and keep the the weight off for GOOD.

And that is the best thing ever!

If you are in, the cost is $399.
This has been a game changer for me and I know it will be for you too.

If you are in, click the link below. Space is limited.

Tentative start date of first week of August.


or go to

p.s. If you prefer 1:1 coaching the cost is not the same but that is an option. Just send me a message. [email protected]