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and you don’t need to go to a golf course to start learning the game!
Video 1 -- Swinging Basics

In this video you learn how to grip and swing a golf club. You can learn this in the privacy of your own home before you ever set foot on the golf course!

Video 2 -- What To Expect at the Golf Course

Feeling intimidated about what to expect your first time at a club? Ride along with me as I walk you through arrival, the locker room…and even how to operate a golf cart!

Video 3 -- Anatomy of a Golf Hole

Learn all the basic terminology and geography of a golf course, basic game play and insider etiquette that no one ever talks about (but experienced golfers expect)!

“After this course, I had the confidence to go to the course and practice and play on my own.”

— Suzanne H

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You get:

The First of 3 Video Golf Lessons available instantly, where you’ll learn:

  • Grip and swing basics so you can practice in your backyard.

Videos 2 and 3 Include

  • What to wear to the golf course.
  • How to arrive at a golf club like a pro: “ride along” with me as we arrive at the golf course, check your bag, learn how to navigate the locker room and more.
  • How to operate a golf cart.
  • The anatomy of a golf hole – all the basic terminology you need to sound like you know what you’re talking about!
  • Basic hole etiquette – what to do with the flag, when to take off your glove and more!

1 Year Access.

BONUS Guide to a Great Grip to help you remember exactly how to grip your club for your best shot!

BONUS Equipment Guide to help you find a FREE practice club or upgrade to great clubs once you’re ready.

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