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Make More Three-Foot Putts

How much time do you spend practicing your short game? More specifically, how much time do you spend putting? I am not talking about dropping a few balls on the practice green and mindlessly whacking them around. I am referring to actually spending some focused time working on your mechanics, tempo, distance control, or green reading.

If your answer is “not much” don’t beat yourself up, you are with the vast majority of amateur golfers. Committing just a few extra practice minutes a week to your short game can dramatically impact your score over the long run.

In the short run, making more of those short three and four foot putts can do wonders for your score, your confidence and your fun factor! And most of it comes down to a little more focus.

When I play with amateurs, the biggest mistakes that I see on these short putts is:

  • They are not specific on aim
  • They jab at the putt
  • They peak to see if it went in

I created a video to show you 3 things you can do to hole more short putts.
Take a look, I hope it helps.
You can do this!

How to Make More Three Foot Putts



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