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Golf Tempo and Change of Direction

what is your rush?

Golf Tempo

I always say that tempo trumps mechanics. In other words, when your swing is stinking you can get by if you have decent tempo. Or if you are struggling, that should be your default swing thought – tempo.

Many golfers RUSH their change of direction, the point in the swing where the club changes directions from moving back to moving forward.

The result is a wonky tempo and often golfers start their downswing when the club is still moving back.

To help you improve your tempo and help you on those days when you aren’t hitting the ball great, watch the video below for a simple drill.

Just for the record…if this drill is very hard it is because you:

  1. Swing too fast on the backswing
  2. Swing too long – the club is well past parallel to the ground on the top of the swing
  3. Reverse pivot
  4. Arms fold on backswing

Give it a try and let’s work on your change of direction and tempo!

Put your shoes on and go play!


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