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Tee the Golf Ball the Right Height

with all your clubs

Do you know how high to tee the golf ball with all of your clubs?

Every time you start a hole you can tee the ball. I am sure that you are doing this if you are using a driver. Hopefully, you are teeing up your golf ball a consistent and proper height. It makes a difference with your contact and distance.  With your driver, you want about half the ball above the top of the club.

On par 3’s, however, a driver can be too much club. Depending on the length of the hole, you can pick any club in your bag that will go the correct distance. (Or hopefully goes the correct distance!)

Even though you are starting a hole with a different club than your driver, you should still tee the golf ball. Take advantage of giving yourself a good lie! I absolutely encourage you to tee it up but make sure that you understand how high to tee the golf ball with your club of choice.

You DO NOT want to tee the golf ball the same height with all of your clubs.

Check out this video and make sure you tee up your ball the proper height!


***Golf Nerd Note: You SHOULD take a divot with your irons. The deepest divot is with your wedge and the most shallow is with your longer irons until you have no divot with fairway woods. If you take a divot with your wedge and you used a wedge to tee off on a par three then you better tee it low or you will miss the center of the face. Tee the golf ball lowest with your short irons.

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