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Swing Thoughts

How many thoughts do you have over the golf ball?

Swing Thoughts

How many swing thoughts do you have over the ball? It may be time to take inventory.

There are 2 types of thoughts


  1. Pre-swing thoughts – These are the thoughts we have about our set-up. We get these done in our pre-shot routine. They include grip, posture, aim, ball position, and width of stance. The more you play the quicker you can process this step. You do not want to take a long time over the ball as you will slow play so the more you rehearse your pre-shot the routine the more automatic it becomes.
  2. Swing Thoughts – Once you are set-up, let those thoughts GO! Now you can think about something in your swing and this is where you want to take inventory. Your brain cannot process a bunch of swing thoughts in the very short time it takes to swing.

I say you get 1 (2 max)!

And when all else fails, tempo TRUMPS mechanics. Find a tempo thought or feel and stick with that.

Check out the video below as I explain SWING THOUGHTS


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