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This is for new golfers!

Getting Started – A Crash Course on Golf

Sometimes getting started can be intimidating.

So many of my beginner students have loads of questions that they think are too stupid or too elementary too ask.

Well I got you!

I have put together a bunch of short videos that will hopefully answer most of your questions before you head to the golf course.

There are also plenty of instructional videos to get your started so you can head to the golf course sooner than later.

The bonus is that they are here for you to review when you forget some of the fundamentals (and you will).

So if you are ready to take up golf…I am here to help you!


Here are a few of the lessons included in the

Getting Started – Crash Course in Golf

Try iT - A Crash Course in Golf

This is a 3 part video series that starts with basic set-up and swing mechanics, shows you what to do when you arrive at the course, and then walks you through the anatomy of a golf hole and how to play.

What to Wear

You have to look the part and here I review what to wear and what you need to get started


Well, you do need some equipment. I explain what the clubs do, why you have so many and what you need to get started.

The Basic Swing

Here I explain the basic swing so you understand what you are really trying to do when you start playing golf.

How to Get the Ball in the Air

This may be the most important lesson for golfers to grasp. Understanding HOW the ball gets in the air can fast-track your progress and make playing way more fun. Do not miss these short videos!

Discovering the L to L

This is a super simple swing motion that you build your whole swing around when starting out. Having access to these videos for review is invaluable.

Taking a Full Swing

Here you learn how to graduate to a full swing without developing any bad habits.


You receive a few extra instructional videos that will help you look the part of a golfer when you head to the course.

If you are ready to learn the game, this Crash Course is going to help fast-track your learning!

Get a Jump Start on Learning the Game


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Good Luck With Your Golf!! You CAN do this!