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Short Game Course

Learn all 4 short game shots and fast track your game!

You CAN do this!

Here’s the Scoop:

Having a Great Short Game Makes Golf WAY more FUN!

Let me rephrase that…a bad short game makes golf miserable.

Nothing really stinks more than hitting a few awesome shots close to the green and then hitting the ball back and forth over the green and walking off with a HUGE number.

Here are some RED (or white) flags that you are in need of short game help:


  • You three or four putt  frequently…ouch!
  • You are afraid of the bunker…you abhor the bunker.
  • You don’t know the difference between a chip and a pitch or actually not sure when to use which shot.
  • You sail the ball over the green on chip shots...and have to chip again.
  • From 50 yards out, you consistently take more than 3 shots to get the ball in the hole.
  • You are a beginner…this is the best place to start to build a great golf game quicker!

That is AWESOME but that is not all there is to golf…..

The goal is to get the ball in the hole!


Unfortunately not too many golfers learn how to properly hit the short shots. This creates bad habits, inconsistency, high scores and frustration!

And it really is so simple to learn.


  1. Save Shots…You can waste a ton of shots around the green. Over 80% of all golfers can lower their score by solely improving their short game.
  2. Improves your Full Swing…Your short game is a mini-version of your full swing. Learn to chip and pitch properly and it transfers to your full swing…Great news!
  3. Have More Fun…If you know what your are doing when you are close to the green it is WAY more fun. “Swing and pray” or “swing and close your eyes” is just not fun!
  4. Simple to Learn…Short shots require little swings and little swings are simpler to learn. Once you know how to set up and what is important in each stroke, you can execute each shot!
  5. Watch Over and Over…Part of why I started putting my lessons on video is because my students FORGET. I get that there is a lot of information to absorb thus repetition is a good thing. Having the ability to watch these videos as often as you want is a huge advantage.
  6. Affordable…Most golfers don’t take the time or spend the money for private golf lessons. For the cost of one private lesson, you get over 14 videos that you can review at your own pace, on your own schedule, and in your own home.

Bottom line:

I want more people to play golf, succeed at golf and enjoy golf. I want more people to say:


TryiT, LearniT, PlayiT, LoveiT

what’s included?

Everything you need to know for all 4 short game shots and over 30 video lessons!

Chipping the Ball - A Low Shot.
  • Chipping Introduction
  • The Set-Up
  • Chipping – The Basic Stroke
  • Tempo and Length of Swing
  • The Shaft Drill
  • Common Mistakes
  • Ball Toss For Distance Control
Pitching the Ball - A High Shot.
  • Pitching Introduction
  • Defining the Pitch
  • Set-up and Swing
  • Toss a Ball to Chip or Pitch
  • Deciding Whether to Pitch or Chip
  • The Safe Pitch
  • The Basic Pitch
  • The Flop Shot
  • Which Pitch?
Playing in the Sand - The Bunker Shot.
  • Bunker Introduction
  • Basic Concept of Bunker Shots
  • The Sand Wedge
  • Bunker – Set-Up
  • Bunker – The Swing
  • Bunker – Common Errors
  • Grounding the Club in the Bunker
Putting - Rolling the Ball.
  • Putting Introduction
  • The Two Components to Putting
  • Putting: Grip and Posture
  • Controlling Distance
  • Putting Drill – to minimize wrist
  • 3 Foot Putts and Aiming

Wow! I can’t believe how much more fun the game is when I finally learned how to chip, what the difference between a chip and a pitch was and how to not three putt quite so much.

Beth D.


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Here are some FREQUENTLY asked questions about the course!

Wait...Who the heck ARE you?

Great question and glad you asked!  Click this link to check out my story.  

How will I know that I am doing it all properly?

With appropriate videos, I give you specific checks to make sure you are doing it all properly. I also tell you how to practice. If you follow the instructions, you will have a fantastic foundation to play great golf. I never, however, discourage private lessons if you can afford them.

My husband thinks he can teach me all of this. Is he right?

I get asked this question all the time. Would you take medical advice from your accountant? Or legal advice from your auto mechanic? Nothing against your husband, but unless he is a golf pro and has experience teaching, I would tell you no.

Good teaching professionals have worked for years fine-tuning how best to evaluate swings and communicate the appropriate course of action. There is a huge difference between executing and communicating how to execute. Most advice you receive from an amateur, no matter how low the handicap, is likely to be his or her own medicine. So proceed with caution.

I just want to hit it far, why is short game so important?

Oh! I thought you would never ask. Let me put it this way…you hit two of your best shots ever on the hardest hole you have ever played and thoughts of your lowest round EVER crosses your mind. The ball, however, bounced just over the back of the green in the rough and now you have to chip. You swing and the ball sails over the green into the bunker. You furiously swing at the ball and sand flies everywhere but the ball stays in the bunker…two more times. Finally you trickle the ball out and decide to putt through the tall grass. Your ball makes it halfway to the hole and the next putt rolls 10 feet past the hole.  You miss the next putt short and tap in for a 10! Does this sound dramatic? Maybe, but I have witnessed it 100’s of times and seen less dramatic scenarios 1000’s of times. I think that you get the point though. No matter how good of a ball striker you may be if you cannot get the ball in the cup you cannot go to the next hole! A decent short game is the key to having fun and scoring lower in golf.

What if I have physical limitations?

Well, I am going to tell you that you need to get your Doctor’s approval for sure. After you are cleared by your Doctor, nothing I teach you should ever cause you pain or discomfort. Yet if you are uncomfortable there are a few things to consider:

  • you are probably squeezing the heck out of the club which causes tension and makes moving freely dang near impossible.
  • you are probably trying to hard and forcing positions which leads back to you are squeezing the club to hard.
  • read the Bonus material on 6 Golf Myths.
  • take a smaller swing until you can get the hang of what you are doing – it gets easier the more you rehearse.

I really think that I just need to work on my full swing and I can worry about short game later.

I actually get this comment frequently. Your short game is mini-version of your full swing. The better your little shots and the more you understand the different shots, the better your full swing develops. You do not need to hit pretty or long golf shots to play golf. BUT you have to be able to get the ball in the cup.