Short Game Smarts

Know when to play safe and when to be risky

Is Your Short Game ruining an otherwise good Round of Golf?

If you look back at what caused that “blow up hole”… could you have played smarter?

I find a lot of golfers try to hit shots that they don’t “own” or that they hit well only 1 out of 10 times.

Clearly a big number can happen from an errant drive, a few penalty shots, or a failed attempt to get out of trouble (trees, rough, fairway bunker). That happens to everyone from time to time.

But how about when you are close to the green…and THEN you make a big number!

So frustrating!

And what I see happen is that golfers try to hit short game shots that are either totally unnecessary or above their talent level for the given situation.

While it may be fun to attempt shots that challenge you, picking and choosing when to hit these shots is called “smart golf.”

It is really important to know the difference between a safe shot and a risky shot when you are close to the green.

Check out this video on how to play smart around the green and see if you can reduce those big numbers on the scorecard.

Now put your shoes on and get out and play! 🙂

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