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Rough Advice

The most important lesson I can share from my father and junior golf days

The Number One Priority When Hitting the Ball from the Rough

Some lessons are harder to learn than others…or take longer to sink in.


Growing up, my father, a great athlete and golf pro, always had a unique way of communicating golden nuggets of wisdom. Perhaps it was his tone but they didn’t always sink in right away. My brain didn’t instantly get the gist of his advice. Let’s just say I needed a little time to process it.

When I played (very poor) high school basketball, he came to watch one of my games. We were getting a beating and our coach was not very instructive. I really had no idea what I was doing on the court (besides I couldn’t jump and was very slow). It was after all an all girls school with maybe 40 girls in each class so if you could walk you made the team…and I made the team.

As he spiritedly tells the story, he couldn’t watch one more minute of this game, so he yelled “For the love of God, someone please get between the ball and the basket.” (I added the “please”)

….”someone get between the ball and the basket”…I must have repeated that 7 times in my head…slowly. I may have literally stopped on the court and said it out loud…but I was holding the ball, so I couldn’t get my head around HOW I was supposed to get between the ball and the basket and shoot. LOL!

We laugh as we retell this story…and oh so many others. I am not at all embarrassed to share them here. It is just funny to see how our brains work, at least mine.

One other bit of wisdom my father shared had to do with playing out of the rough and I share it with you below. Let’s suffice it to say I didn’t understand what “get your ball back in play” meant. To me, if it wasn’t in the water, out of bounds, or lost…it was “in play.”

Or was it?

I hope this advice helps you save some shots on the golf course when your ball is NOT “in play”.


p.s. September we dive deeper into how to hit out of the rough and would love for you to join us in the Busy Woman’s Golf Club…you can check it out here.


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