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The Golf Brain Masterclass

for juniors

The Golf Brain Masterclass

for Juniors


A complete path to master your golf brain, unleash your potential, and play with confidence.

(aka, get out of your own way on the golf course!)


The Golf Confidence Course

In the Masterclass, you discover over a 5 step path:

  • The clarity on how you are holding yourself back
  • How to process all the emotions that come up on the course
  • A way to create new and powerful beliefs that get you the results you want
  • Confidence, how to create it even when you aren’t playing well.
  • A personalized blueprint that is future focused so you achieve your goals.

Pre-recorded lessons are released each week with plenty of time to watch. Then a LIVE coaching call is schedule at the end of the week for questions and coaching.

This happens over the course of 4 weeks.

Come join me for a mind blowing workshop (pun totally intended)


Replays available if you cannot attend live coaching calls you can submit questions in advance.