The Golf Brain Masterclass

The Golf Brain Masterclass


A complete path to master your golf brain, unleash your potential, and play with confidence.

(aka, get out of your own way on the golf course!)


3 Live Coaching Calls over 4 Weeks

In the Masterclass, you will discover:

  • What a thought stack is and how YOUR stack is holding you back
  • How to get FAST at managing your golf brain
  • Discover what YOU need to think to get the RESULTS you want
  • The role your EMOTIONS play on the course and how to manage your nerves.
  • The FORMULA for managing your thoughts and emotions
  • The POWER of decision making on the golf course
  • Deliberately creating the RESULTS you want
  • How to be CONFIDENT when you don’t play well
  • How to get over bad shots and holes quickly
  • Create a custom BLUEPRINT to master your golf brain

Come join me for a mind blowing workshop (pun totally intended)


Replays available if you cannot attend live coaching calls.