Do You Have Time to Practice Golf?

Do You make time to Practice Golf?

Everyone wants to play better but not everyone wants to practice golf.

I get that. The game is time consuming as it is without having to practice golf. If you play 18 holes you are looking to spend 4 hours on the golf course (and often more than that). That doesn’t include the time spent at the course checking in, hitting the locker room, warming up, and enjoying a post round drink or meal. With all that added up, you can anticipate spending more than 6 hours at the golf course for 18 holes of golf.

So who has time to practice…right?

Well, if you want to improve and have more fun on the golf course, it would behoove you to try to find some time in your week to head over to the practice facility.

AND the big question I get asked is “HOW MUCH should I practice?”

While the answer may seem obvious to some, it requires a few golf caveats:

  1. How much extra time do you have to spend on practice?
  2. What do you really need to improve in your golf game? (aka, where do you stink?)
  3. What are you actually working on? (aka, do you practice on what stinks?)
  4. How do you practice? Do you have a plan?
  5. Do you know when to stop practicing?

I find that number 5 can be the hardest one for some golfers. You need to know when to leave the practice area, take a break or call it a day…even if you have time to stay.

To discover more about “How Much You Should Practice”, watch the video below.

Practice smart and make this your best golf season yet!

What to know what to practice?