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It is Time to Go Play!

Let’s get on the course and play this game.

The PlayiT Course!

Here is what is included!


Learn how to aim properly and how poor aim can wreck havoc on your golf game.

Uneven Lies

Not every lie is flat. Discover how to hit off of uneven lies: downhill, uphill and sidehill. Setting up properly is the key to having success.

Rough Lies

The ball does not always sit on a pretty, fluffy lie. Discover how to hit the ball out of difficult conditions: no grass, tall grass, and pine needles. Also learn what are the best clubs to use.

Hitting off the Tee Box

Learn about what to look for on the tee box including how high to tee the ball, where to set up and playing smart to keep your ball in the fairway.

Basic Rules and Etiquette

Knowing proper etiquette and some basic rules eliminates any potential embarrassment.

Looking the Part of a Golfer

Learn some of the keys to looking the part of a golfer so you fit it on the golf course. Some of these will make you a better golfer too!

Wow! What an amazing course. I love how each lesson builds on the next. I actually think I might be able to play this game now!  Thank you, thank you!

Lindsey D


Basic Plan



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What’s Included:

  • Secrets to Proper Aim
  • How to Hit out of the Rough
  • Advancing the ball on Uneven Lies
  • Getting off the tee box
  • Basic Rules and Etiquette
  • Looking the Part of a Golfer
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