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The MEMBERS Only Club!

Help is Here when you need it

Save money on private instruction

or review what you learned (and forgot)

Joining the Members Only Club grants you access to a large collection of instructional videos taught by Kathy Hart Wood.

Learning the game of golf is really a life-time adventure. There is always something to learn and…re-learn. Not to mention, paying for private instruction every time you struggle with your game can be expensive!

In the Members Only Club, you can find help for every part of your game. And new instructional videos are added every month to keep you playing your best golf.

Here is a sample of what is included!


Every good, repeatable swing starts with a solid set-up. In addition, most swing problems start with a problem with grip, posture, ball position or aim.

Short Game

If you want to save a bunch of shots during your round, you need to have a reliable short game. This section reviews all of the shots and some extra tricks to help you get the ball in the hole quicker.

Full Swing

At times it can feel like our golf swings abandon us. The goal is to get the ball in the air and move it forward. Learn some ways to help yourself get back on track and playing your best golf

Bad Lies

Unfortunately, the ball does not always sit on a perfectly flat, fluffy, tuff of grass. In this section, learn how to hit out of bad and uneven lies.

Course Management

Knowing how to hit the ball on the range is one thing but taking it to the golf course is all another. In this section, learn some course management techniques to help you score better and have more fun.

Drills and Exercises

Practicing is part of the game. Knowing what to practice and how to get better is key to making the best use of your time. Discover some of my favorite drills for short game and full swing.

and MORE

Videos are added every month and cover a variety of topics to help you play your best golf.

“I love being able to review lessons when I forget what to do around the greens. These videos help refresh my memory plus I learned new shots to try. ”

— Dawn H

Dawn H

Save money on private instruction

or review what you learned (and forgot)

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What’s Included:

Over 50 videos on every part of the game to help you play your best golf.

And the best part is that NEW videos added every month so there is always something new to discover!


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