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Golf and Math

what they have in common

Golf is like a complicated math equation

In math, the more variables in the equation the harder the answer is to figure out. The plan is to turn each variable into a constant. As you do this one variable at a time, the equation gets easier and easier to figure out.

Learning golf is very similar

As a beginning golfer, you have tons of variables in your swing. You really aren’t doing anything very consistent. The more you practice you gain consistency but another way t look at it is that you are turning variables into constants.

No matter what level golfer you are this still applies. Good players try to prevent variable from creeping into their game by practicing with intention.

So what are some of the variables that you have TOTAL control over?

  1. Grip – you can put your hands on the same correct way each time
  2. Posture – how you stand over the ball
  3. Ball position – where you position the ball relative to your feet
  4. Width of stance – consistent and appropriate for the club in hand
  5. Aim – consistently aiming at your target

These are set-up positions that you can absolutely control when you practice and play.

You are not going to be consistently good if:
  • you put your hands on the club differently every time you pick up a club
  • you aim left one time and right the other
  • your ball is in the wrong spot
  • you get sloppy with your posture

These are the simplest variables for you to turn into constants. Once you do this then you can spend your time on the parts of your swing that are much harder to do consistently.

The bottom line, figure out where your variables are in your golf game, deliberately turn it into a constant and the whole golf equation will be much easier to figure out.

Watch the video below.

You can do this!

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