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To Mark or Not to Mark Your Ball

That is the question…

I just wanted to share my latest golf tip about WHY you should mark your ball on the green.

I want you to create solid routines and good habits. It helps you perform better when you really, REALLY need to make a putt.
Or…when you are nervous over a putt…or your partner is counting on you to make it.

How about when the maintenance crew is bothering you or the group behind is rushing you?

Or you are playing the U.S. Open and a rules official walks up and tells you that you may receive a one shot penalty at the end of the round. They just have to think more about it (reference to 2016 totally intended).

I think you get the point…we have all been in one of these scenarios. Dustin Johnson has been in all of them!

Without a solid routine, you are more likely to miss those short putts.

So take a look at the video!

You Can Do This!



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