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The Love iT Course

Taking your Game to the Next Level

Here is what is included!

All things Bunker: Fairway, Buried and Long Shots

Discover how to hit those inevitable bunker shots that no one likes.  Making a few simple adjustments simplifies these tricky golf shots.

Swing Fixes

When things go bad it helps to understand how to fix your swing. Discover some common swing faults and how to correct them.


Drills are a great way to correct swing faults and more importantly preventing them from creeping in to your game.

Tricky Shots

Sometimes you find yourself in awkward spots that seem impossible to get out of. Discover a few tricks to help save you some shots.

“Kathy crystalizes key concepts of the game and presents them in ways that have kept me learning, improving and coming back for more.”

— Jenn A.



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What’s Included

  • Common Swing Flaws
  • Drills to Use During Practice
  • Bunkers and more Bunkers
  • Tricky Shots

And remember all of this is guaranteed for 30 questions asked.

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