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Look Cool on the Golf Course and Play Better

Do you LOOK COOL when you play golf?

Let the record show – I have never been considered “cool.” I have hit some stylish golf shots over the years…but as a person that is one phrase that just does NOT describe me. (More often I am called “goofy”  – which is pretty much the opposite!)

In fact, that is not something that matters much to me…but in golf striving to look the part of a pro golfer has tremendous benefits.

I tease my students that I want them to “look good” on the golf course. To me that includes, an athletic posture, a pretty grip, and a “cool” finish position.

Check out the video below to discover how you can look “golf cool” and as result help your golf game. Bonus!


When you look good, you play good…or at least better!

You can do this!