Long Bunker Shots

Long Bunker Shots

Long greenside bunker shots are my second least favorite shot in golf.

What makes them hard is that we push the limits of our sand wedge. We try to milk a normal bunker shot for a few more yards and we make an unnatural swing. The miss is usually horrible – fat and still in the bunker or skulled over the green.

Most golfers carry at least 2 sand wedges and I suggest you try to hit all of your wedges in the bunker to get a feel for how far they fly.

For really long bunker shots, try your pitching wedge and check out this video as I show you how to get it done.

Alright…put your shoes on and get out there and play! And avoid long bunker shots!


p.s. My least favorite shot is the short fairway bunker shot – shorter than 100 yards but too long to be a greenside bunker shot. I avoid them like the plague…even though the last plague was 1924-1925 in Los Angeles from rat-infested steamships…

p.s.s. September is all about the how to hit out of the Rough and Course Management so head over to BWGC and join us this month.


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