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Everything you need to Learn Golf

without the frustration, without the expense, without the intimidation

You CAN do this!

Here’s the Scoop!

For 25 years, I have been teaching people how to play the game of golf. And…the vast majority of my students have been women. Women who were just learning the game, coming back to the game, or struggling because they never got taught properly from the start.

But here is the thing, no matter what level golfer, all of my students had two common desires:

  1. They didn’t want to spend a FORTUNE on lessons.
  2. They wanted to get better QUICKLY!

So as a new teacher, what did I do? I tried to teach my students everything that I knew in a one hour lesson! I gave them WAY too much information. They couldn’t possibly remember everything and they were simply overwhelmed.

You see I have been playing golf my whole life – ok, since I was 5. My dad was a Golf Pro and to spend time with him I would go to the golf course at the crack of dawn and hang out all day. Eventually, I got pretty good, started competing and went on to play Professional Golf Tours all over the world.

So when I stopped traveling on tours and started teaching the game, I had to learn how to translate my knowledge so that beginners could comprehend it.

My students aren’t trying to play professional golf. They just want to play the game, not embarrass themselves, and have a good time. Oh! And they want it yesterday.

khw-clinic-rowSo I was on a mission to develop a program that would simplify the game and get my students out and playing in the least amount of steps possible.

Before I developed this course golfers would…

  1. Spends tons of money on private instruction and…
  • not get any better
  • get bad instruction – yes, this happen
  • play worse!

2. Forget what I taught them then…

  • come back to me to repeat the lesson
  • get what I said backwards i.e. left instead of right
  • just not grasp it the first time – sometimes we need to hear it more than once for it to sink in

3. Get advice from anyone and everyone

  • especially husbands who love to teach golf
  • free advice is not always good advice
  • which was confusing and conflicting
  • that didn’t even address the real issue or problem
  • which made them worse instead of better

4. Take ONE lesson then try to figure the rest on their own ’cause…

  • multiple private lessons are cost prohibitive for most
  • other sports come easy to them and figure golf would be the same…surprise!

5. Quit out of Frustration, Embarrassment, and Lack of Progress

  • this is what really motivated me to make this course.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

Now that I had this great program that really simplified the game, produced super results and quickly got students out on the course and actually playing, I had some more hurdles to overcome.

Price and Accessibility.

Private lessons with me are expensive – I get that.

And I could only offer my program to those who came to see me in person.

How was I going to make it affordable and available to everyone?

Solution: I needed to video my lessons and put it online for anyone and everyone to access. And I needed to price it much less than the $4,000 it would cost for ALL of this instruction.

Learn iT – A Complete Course in Golf

AND NOW The Learn iT Course is…

ONLINE…if you want to improve or start the game you CAN – right from the comfort of your living room because the course is accessible online 24/7.


AFFORDABLE…For about the cost of a name-brand driver or a few private lessons, you can grab a membership to the ever-growing online course.

 TryiTLearniT, PlayiT, LoveiT

and yet there is more…

what’s included?

12 Lessons Cover Everything you Need to Know to Play Golf NOW!

that’s over 75 video lessons!

1. Beginning Golfers - Start Here
  • Guide to Golf Equipment
  • Golf Clubs…Why So Many and What Do They Do?
  • Fun Facts about Equipment
  • How to Carry Your Bag
  • What to Wear and What you Really Need
  • Sunglasses…style matters
2. Learning to Swing -- The Basics.
  • Basics of the Swing
  • The 5 Shots of Golf and the Swing Circle
  • Getting Started with the Swing
  • Creating Speed
3. Getting The Ball Up in the Air.
  • Getting the Ball up in the Air – Full Swing View
  • Getting the Ball Up in the Air – Close up
4. Grasping the Club -- Your Grip.
  • Left Hand Grip
  • Right Hand Grip
  • Pinky Options
  • 3 Grip Habits
  • Grip Routine
5. Standing Over the Ball -- Your Posture.
  • Posture Step-By-Step
  • Common Posture Mistakes
  • Posture Review
  • How Far to Stand From the Ball
6. Chipping the Ball -- A Low Shot.
  • Chipping Introduction
  • The Set-Up
  • Chipping – The Basic Stroke
  • Tempo and Length of Swing
  • The Shaft Drill
  • Common Mistakes
  • Ball Toss For Distance Control
7. Discovering the L to L Swing.
  • Introduction to the L to L
  • Arms: Bent or Straight?
  • Wrists: When and How Much
  • Pivot: How to Turn
  • Tempo to Put it all Together
8. Pitching the Ball -- A High Shot.
  • Pitching Introduction
  • Defining the Pitch
  • Set-up and Swing
  • Toss a Ball to Chip or Pitch
  • Deciding Whether to Pitch or Chip
  • The Safe Pitch
  • The Basic Pitch
  • The Flop Shot
  • Which Pitch?
9. Playing in the Sand -- The Bunker Shot.
  • Bunker Introduction
  • Basic Concept of Bunker Shots
  • The Sand Wedge
  • Bunker – Set-Up
  • Bunker – The Swing
  • Bunker – Common Errors
  • Grounding the Club in the Bunker
10. Taking a Full Swing -- Bringing it All Together.
  • Full Swing Introduction
  • Balance and Follow Through
  • Full Swing Pivot
  • Bottom of the Swing and Your Head
  • Ball Position and Stance Width
  • Aiming Your Body and the Club
  • Tee Height
  • The Whoosh Drill
11. Putting -- Rolling the Ball.
  • Putting Introduction
  • The Two Components to Putting
  • Putting: Grip and Posture
  • Controlling Distance
  • Putting Drill – to minimize wrist
  • 3 Foot Putts and Aiming
12. Practicing the Right Way and My Favorite Drills
  • How to Warm up and How to Practice
  • Pre-Shot Routine
  • How to Set-up a Practice Station
  • And Some of My Favorite Drills
Printouts and Infographics!

PLUS…Nearly a Dozen Printouts and Infographics that you can take with you to the golf course.

Wow! What an amazing course. I love how each lesson builds on the next. I actually think I might be able to play this game now!  Thank you, thank you!

Lindsey D




This is a limited offer for Life-TIme Access

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12 Modules of Golf Lessons.

Life-Time Access

5 Amazing Bonuses that will help you play even better.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about the course!

Wait...Who the heck ARE you?

Great question and glad you asked!  Click this link to check out my story.  

How will I know that I am doing it all properly?

With appropriate videos, I give you specific checks to make sure you are doing it all properly. I also tell you how to practice. If you follow the instructions, you will have a fantastic foundation to play great golf. I never, however, discourage private lessons if you can afford them.

What if I have physical limitations?

Well, I am going to tell you that you need to get your Doctor’s approval for sure. After you are cleared by your Doctor, nothing I teach you should ever cause you pain or discomfort. Yet if you are uncomfortable there are a few things to consider:

  • you are probably squeezing the heck out of the club which causes tension and makes moving freely dang near impossible.
  • you are probably trying to hard and forcing positions which leads back to you are squeezing the club to hard.
  • read the Bonus material on 6 Golf Myths.
  • take a smaller swing until you can get the hang of what you are doing – it gets easier the more you rehearse.

How do I know what clubs to use?

If you have never played before, you have no clue what clubs to use. But, until you progress thru to the Full Swing lessons you will stay with a very short club like a sand wedge, pitching wedge or 9 iron during most of the lessons.  In the Full Swing Module, I talk about moving up to longer clubs. Bottom line, you are likely to have more success with your shorter clubs for awhile.

My husband thinks he can teach me all of this. Is he right?

I get asked this question all the time. Would you take medical advice from your accountant? Or legal advice from your auto mechanic? Nothing against your husband, but unless he is a golf pro and has experience teaching, I would tell you no.

Good teaching professionals have worked for years fine-tuning how best to evaluate swings and communicate the appropriate course of action. There is a huge difference between executing and communicating how to execute. Most advice you receive from an amateur, no matter how low the handicap, is likely to be his or her own medicine. So proceed with caution.

Ok this is great. I get it, but how do I take it to the golf course and actually play?

I love it! And am so glad that you are getting into the swing of things (pun intended).

I say go PLAY! Get out there and give it a try.

And, I have another course in the works to teach you HOW to PLAY with on-course instruction that you will find invaluable! Make sure you are on my email list so that you stay in the loop.

In the meantime, take what you can do and get out there and have a blast!