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Everything you need to Learn Golf

without the frustration, without the expense, without the intimidation

You CAN do this!

what’s included?

12 Lessons Cover Everything you Need to Know to Play Golf NOW!

that’s over 75 video lessons!

1. Beginning Golfers - Start Here
  • Guide to Golf Equipment
  • Golf Clubs…Why So Many and What Do They Do?
  • Fun Facts about Equipment
  • How to Carry Your Bag
  • What to Wear and What you Really Need
  • Sunglasses…style matters
2. Learning to Swing -- The Basics.
  • Basics of the Swing
  • The 5 Shots of Golf and the Swing Circle
  • Getting Started with the Swing
  • Creating Speed
3. Getting The Ball Up in the Air.
  • Getting the Ball up in the Air – Full Swing View
  • Getting the Ball Up in the Air – Close up
4. Grasping the Club -- Your Grip.
  • Left Hand Grip
  • Right Hand Grip
  • Pinky Options
  • 3 Grip Habits
  • Grip Routine
5. Standing Over the Ball -- Your Posture.
  • Posture Step-By-Step
  • Common Posture Mistakes
  • Posture Review
  • How Far to Stand From the Ball
6. Chipping the Ball -- A Low Shot.
  • Chipping Introduction
  • The Set-Up
  • Chipping – The Basic Stroke
  • Tempo and Length of Swing
  • The Shaft Drill
  • Common Mistakes
  • Ball Toss For Distance Control
7. Discovering the L to L Swing.
  • Introduction to the L to L
  • Arms: Bent or Straight?
  • Wrists: When and How Much
  • Pivot: How to Turn
  • Tempo to Put it all Together
8. Pitching the Ball -- A High Shot.
  • Pitching Introduction
  • Defining the Pitch
  • Set-up and Swing
  • Toss a Ball to Chip or Pitch
  • Deciding Whether to Pitch or Chip
  • The Safe Pitch
  • The Basic Pitch
  • The Flop Shot
  • Which Pitch?
9. Playing in the Sand -- The Bunker Shot.
  • Bunker Introduction
  • Basic Concept of Bunker Shots
  • The Sand Wedge
  • Bunker – Set-Up
  • Bunker – The Swing
  • Bunker – Common Errors
  • Grounding the Club in the Bunker
10. Taking a Full Swing -- Bringing it All Together.
  • Full Swing Introduction
  • Balance and Follow Through
  • Full Swing Pivot
  • Bottom of the Swing and Your Head
  • Ball Position and Stance Width
  • Aiming Your Body and the Club
  • Tee Height
  • The Whoosh Drill
11. Putting -- Rolling the Ball.
  • Putting Introduction
  • The Two Components to Putting
  • Putting: Grip and Posture
  • Controlling Distance
  • Putting Drill – to minimize wrist
  • 3 Foot Putts and Aiming
12. Practicing the Right Way and My Favorite Drills
  • How to Warm up and How to Practice
  • Pre-Shot Routine
  • How to Set-up a Practice Station
  • And Some of My Favorite Drills
Printouts and Infographics!

PLUS…Nearly a Dozen Printouts and Infographics that you can take with you to the golf course.

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