Try This Alternative to Chipping


If you struggle around the greens, I may just have a shot that will absolutely save you a ton of strokes.

Picture this…you hit two of your most amazing shots EVER and your ball is 20 feet short of the green in the fairway. The grass is closely mown so you don’t have that cushion under the ball that you really, really like.  You think that you are “supposed to” chip it onto the green but you really don’t trust your chipping so much. Nonetheless, you take out your wedge, set-up to chip, swing and the ball goes FLYING over the green. That horrible pit forms in your stomach as you watch your ball fly into the trees behind the green. You are further away now than when your started! Ugh. What was sure to be your first par of the day turns into an 8!

Sound familiar? If you have ever struggled with chipping and pitching watch the video below and pull out your hybrid…yup, your hybrid!

You Can Do This!





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