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It is time to get your game in THE GROOVE



Quit guessing…Quit experimenting…Quit struggling


You can improve faster and play better BUT if you are like most golfers…

You take a lesson then you forget what you learned

You practice then you wonder if you are doing it right

You play then you get frustrated you can’t take your skill to the course

No matter how confused or frustrated you are with your golf or parts of your golf, you truly can improve.

You just need some extra support between lessons.

You need advice from a reputable source.

You need a process and a few tools to get the results you want.

You need a resource to answer your questions that, let’s face it, inevitably come up with this game.

You need clarity on how to get to the next level.

You need advice about the mental side of the game.

You want to get in the Groove.

Let me share the secret to playing better golf…

Ingrain a skill and prevent a bad habit

Bad habits creep into your game quietly over time. Once you own a bad habit, it can take hours of practice time and several expensive lessons to get back to where you started.

I have been there several times over my professional career. I spent valuable time repairing bad habits that crept into my set-up and then my swing.

That is why most professional golfers are in the game of bad habit prevention. They practice with the intent of ingraining a skill and preventing a bad habit.

Most amateurs do the opposite…
  • Practice without a plan
  • Take advice from anyone and everyone
  • Try random tips from the internet or tv
  • Think being comfortable means it is correct

If you want to improve faster,

If you are tired of struggling,

If you are confused about how to hit specific shots,

If you looking for feedback,

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on private instruction,

Then you want to get in The Groove.



I have taught golf for 25 years to 1000’s of people and this is what I discovered and what motivated me to create the Groove:

  • you only retain a small percentage of an hour lesson
  • you forget what you were taught (or twist it)
  • you need to hear it several times
  • you need to pay a lot for private lessons to learn every shot in golf over and over

Private lessons and practice are the fastest methods to improving your golf game. No question.

And I encourage you to take lessons from a reputable professional.

But in between lessons or to fill in the gaps, you want to get in The Groove because you ingrain skills and prevent bad habits.

→ I teach you a skill

→ I demonstrate how to practice that skill.

→ I show you how to prevent bad habits.

→ I answer your questions

The GROOVE is a monthly coaching program with in-depth training on various parts of the game. It is a place that you can reference to learn a new shot, refresh your memory, or improve on what you already have working.

Here is what is included in

The Groove

Monthly Content

Each month you focus on a different shot or topic. I show you how to execute the shot, review how to practice and what to avoid so you avoid a bad habit.

Instructional Archive

You have access to a plethora of golf instruction including the fundamentals, a short game challenge course, how to hit from all the bad lies, golf specific exercises, drills, scorecards to track your progress, and the mental side of golf. Content is consistently added.

Live Q and A

Each month you can have all of your questions answered at a Live Q and A. No confusion. No doing it wrong. Bring your questions and receive feedback during the Q and A.


You do not have to go through this alone.

Access a private Facebook group to ask questions and post pictures or videos on your progress for feedback and correction.

I am available to make sure you stay on the right track, do not get confused and are super confident when you go to the course.


“I wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the weekly videos. I have found them very helpful and I shot my best score of the season last week. I parred hole 18 on River! Had a monster drive. Your bunker videos were extremely helpful and gave me a list of checks before swinging. I like the format and have found it very helpful with my schedule. Thank you. I have been spreading the word about it too. ”

— Warm regards, Kim Y, Founding Member (as BWGC)


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It is time to get your game in
The Groove:

  • you receive monthly focused content on a specific shot or golf topic
  • you have access to all previous months
  • you can access the site 24/7
  • review and learn on your schedule from several in depths topics on Bad Lies, Short Game, Golf Confidence, Fundamentals, and more
  • join LIVE Q and A’s each month to have all your questions answered
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