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Are you Ready for Golf Season?

Golf Season is HERE!

If you live in a cold climate, you are probably starting to think about dusting off your clubs and prepping for the upcoming golf season.

Those first few swings at the beginning of the golf season can feel like you are swinging a shovel.

Your grip feels like a mangled mess, your hamstrings scream at address, and your body moves like Elaine dancing on Seinfeld (not familiar? worth a google).

This is the time that BAD HABITS creep into your game. You search for any way to get comfortable whether with a poor grip, bad posture, or odd moves in your swing.

Just because you are comfortable doesn’t mean it is correct.

And this is thing about golf, one set-up or swing mistake eventually creates a counter move in your swing. You have enough hand-eye coordination to figure out how to fix that first mistake with…well…another mistake. The end result is a non-repeatable, weak golf swing.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you start the season with a super strong grip (where your left hand is too on top of the club) and you start to hit it low and to the left. You create a swing move to straighten your golf ball and get some height on the ball. This move may work for a few rounds but eventually you start to lose your balance or your elbow starts to hurt.

You lose distance, consistency and your handicap skyrockets. You blame your golf clubs or your husband for all your golf woes. You get cortisone shots in your elbow and start spending more time at the pool.

Okay okay…that last part is an exaggeration coupled with my odd sense of humor.

The point is that one bad habit usually creates another bad habit and neither of them facilitate playing your personal best golf.

Anytime you take a break from golf, it is critical that you start small and check your fundamentals.

Fast-track returning to peak golf season form and prevent bad habits by focusing on THREE key elements of your game.

Check out the video below and discover what will help you prevent bad habits and get playing your best golf yet.

I hope that have an amazing golf season!


If you want to discover about ALL of the fundamentals and prevent bad habits, check out the link below.

You CAN do this!