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Golf Consistency Starts Here

Every golfer wants to be more consistent.

It is, after all, the ultimate goal: to hit the ball consistently at our intended target.

Let’s be honest, you can be consistently bad. As in you top it every swing or slice every shot.

That is definitely a form of consistency though it usually doesn’t produce the results that you want.

Consistency starts in the set-up.

Standing over the ball consistently gives you a chance of swinging consistently.

If your set-up varies from shot to shot, you will struggle to produce a consistent and predictable result.

Step 1 is to practice with a station for aim and ball position.

I am sure that you have seen people put clubs on the ground to help with aim.

Often I hear golfers say that they don’t do that because aim is not their problem.

This is what I want you to consider.

Look at it instead as a way to PREVENT bad habits.

Once you create a bad habit, it takes time (and lessons) to correct.

Check out the video below for more.


p.s  Consistency and Confidence are the two objectives that I teach in the BWGC…make sure that you get on the waitlist as the doors open again soon for 2020.


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