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12 Days of Golf Gift Ideas


It doesn’t matter if you are Naughty or Nice, you deserve a golf gift.

We are in full Holiday season and I am going to share with you…

The 12 Days of Golf Gifts

It is not a real thing – I made it up 🙂

I am just looking to share some fun and great golf products.

Let the Holiday Golf Shopping begin!

And to toast you and the holidays, I have an early gift idea for you: 

These are Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers which you can clearly put in any drink and might just make a great stocking stuffer. Click on the pic to go to the page.

November Email 1

So…I had so many awesome golf gift suggestions…more than 12…that I decided to share a few with you early!

TOTAL DISCLOSURE: I receive ZERO compensation from any company. These are all just great products from 2019. I am, however, on the Titleist staff and total appreciate their support.

With that said, I love putting lines on my golf ball to use on the greens. I think it is an invaluable aid. Most golf balls have a black arrow or line. I use a sharpie and a stencil and make that line thicker and more visible.

Callaway and Titleist both came out this year with a ball that has the lines already printed on the ball and there are 3 of them. I think this is awesome. I personally like the visual on the Callaway a bit better but I play the Titleist I will continue to use my stencil.


You get to decide…but I love the lines done for you! Click on a pic to go to the website.

Happy Shopping!!

Santa Kathy

p.s. Rumor has it that Callaway is coming out with a putter to match the lines. (say what?)

November Email 2

I am just getting warmed up...and speaking of warm…if you want to go play in some warm winter weather, this travel bag makes life SOOOO much easier. (but not quite as easy as Shipsticks, if you have time to send… Shipsticks is amazing!)

Sun Mountain gave me a gliding travel bag about 10 years ago that is awesome. I am just starting to see more of these in my travels and I highly recommend. I can glide this around the airport with one finger. That means…you can grab a coffee, pull your suitcase AND your golf bag!! That is pure sunshine in my book!

You can click on pic to go to site.

Sun Mountain

Mine is embroidered…not sure the process on that now but I bet that is available…unless you want to keep a low profile.

I love my travel bag and wish I had it when I was playing for a living schlepping around a wheel-less, canvas travel bag and 2 suitcases.

Check it out I think this would make an awesome gift.

Don’t battle when you travel

Now that is a motto…Sun Mountain, you are free to use it.

(warming you up for my puns and rhymes in the 12 Days of Golf Gifts starting 12/1)

Santa Kathy

p.s. I noticed there are a lot of style options in this bag. I suggest you check the bag weight on each before your purchase. My bag’s starting weight is a little heavy. I have never gone over 50lbs at the airport but I deliberately pack light. If, in the bottom of your bag, you regularly carry 2 dozen old scuffed-up balls most of which you found (to use on hard holes), you may want to get a lighter option. Or clean out your bag.

I go with clean out your bag.

12 Days of Golf Gifts

Day 1

It is DAY 1 !!! Let’s get the shopping started!!

On this 1st Day of Golf, I suggest a rangefinder so you can navigate the Holiday season. (get it?)

The hot rangefinder (at FECC) this year was the Bushnell Tour V4


Click on the picture to go to the website and get more details!

If you don’t have a range finder or feel your game isn’t ready, I highly suggest purchasing one just for the mere benefit of being able to see who is in the group behind you standing in the middle of the fairway with their hands on their hips….as long as you are keeping up with pace of play of course 😉


Santa Kathy

p.s. I did want to say something corny like you can check out how far away Santa is… or how close your in-laws are to the front door…but I refrained 😉


The 2nd Day of Golf will bring….something really good to swing. (I’m still a little corny)

The Callaway Epic Flash was a super popular driver this year in the FECC golf shop and recommended by professional staff – actually all of the Flash products. If you are looking for a new driver, I highly suggest you always get fitted and ask to test the Epic Flash.

Epic Flash

Click the image for more details.

On Day 3, I have a companion for your new driver (wink, wink)


Santa Kathy

p.s Full disclosure – I am on the Titleist staff and also suggest you check out all things Titleist 🙂


It is the Third Day of Golf….and not sure if you have heard, maybe from a bird, but EVERYONE concurred….these headcovers are sweet.

I love knit headcovers and the ones from STITCH are awesome (tho a little pricey).

They also have leather headcovers for your favorite college team (Roll Tide) and (Go Paladins – but pretty sure there is not a headcover for them)

Check them out below…

headcovers - stitich

Day FORE has something fun in store. (see what I did there?)


Santa Kathy


So guess I am having a hard time dropping the corny emails. The good news is these are super short and to the point.

On the Fore-th Day of Golf I bring you G-FORE.

Their golf gloves, I hear, are amazing and many fun colors…the pic below are actually men’s!

Must say, I love a man in pink!

I, however, have never worn one (ahem..thank you Titleist) but they get many high 5’s.

They also have some very stylish golf shoes!

I DID buy the ones below for patriotic reasons (4th of July, Solheim Cup, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Olympics..I find reasons) Otherwise, I am a Foot-joy girl.

I have included a picture of mine below and on the bottom, one says FORE and the other says PLAY….so fun. Click on the pic to go to their website.

Stayed tuned for a punny email on Day 5.

Santa Kathy

p.s. I have to be totally honest…the sizing on the G-Fore shoes is inconsistent…I would try on first or make sure you can exchange.


On the 5th Day of Golf, Mark’s true love gave to him…..The STITCH UGB Garment Bag. This bag is GOLD (I’ll wait).

It is a garment bag and folds up to a carry bag. Super cool and I got Mark Wood one for X-mas and had to make sure I removed him from this email list so keep it a secret!

garment bag

From the website: Simply stated, the UGB™ is the best two-in-one duffle bag there is today. Simplify your packing and transport your clothes in the best possible package with the bag that converts from a duffle to a garment bag with one zipper. Designed with STITCH® Touring Fabric, a proprietary product that has the strength of leather, but is more durable, lightweight and water resistant. Spacious enough for two suits, shoes and all other travel essentials, this bag is perfect for a weekend getaway or business trip.

You’re welcome Mark…go forth in style.

Santa Kathy


It is Day 6…and your game needs a FIX….am I right?

Soooo it is training aid day!!!

Woo Hoo!

Can I get a hell yeah?

Who’s excited?

These are courtesy of my brother…Dudley Hart…Tour Player but REALLY better known as “Gadgets”. He may have the largest collection of golf training aids of ANY golf pro that I know. So in my loving sisterly opinion, he is the best source and these are his suggestions.

#1 Planemate – New to the market. Can practice it at home. Helps feel more sync with arms and body. Training videos on the site…I have tried it and it is cool…but watch the videos. Check it out (if in stock)

Tour Striker

#2 Eyeline Putting Mirror – Seriously think every Tour Player sleeps with one of these and has 3 spares

Putting mirror

#3 Eyeline Putting Track – Great for making a repeatable putting path and used in combination with mirror. Also think Tour players have one in every room in their home…including bathrooms. Overall, Eyeline has a bunch of great training aids.

Putting track

#4 Tac-Tic – Calling all Scoopers…this will not “fix” your scoop but you can hear it when you do it…which is nice.

Scooping is not a helpful golf move and anything you can do to minimize will help!


#5 Impact Improver – Striking the sweet spot is the key to great golf. When you use the Impact Improver you get instant feedback on each swing because the balls sticks to the shield telling you if you struck the sweet spot or not.

This was designed by an LPGA Pro, Tiffany Faucette, and I want to share it with you here. While I have never used this product, I like the idea on being able to get feedback….especially since you can do this indoors in the winter. AND, I totally support women entrepreneurs…

Impact improver

Okay…grab one of these for a friend in need or yourself and you can practice all winter indoors . Your game will thank you.

Santa Kathy


You will be in heaven on Day 7 because it is for the sm7 wedges from Vokey….

“Nothing spins like a Vokey”

I love all things Titleist…

Your short game will thank you.

You’re welcome short game.


Okey dokey…get a vokey! Another great motto!

Santa Kathy


It is Day 8 and if you really want to look GREAT...get a Tzu Tzu golf skort.

I did not realize this was so popular until students told me they had it in different colors. I have the black polka dot as shown below but there are lots of different styles and patterns to choose from.

tzu tzu skort My legs look very similar to this as well.

Check it out…You just might see a bunch of maids-a-milking in my favorite skort this season. Okay…not a bunch…just 8….8 Maids-a-milking.

Santa Kathy

DAY 9 

It is Day 9 and I have the perfect container for your WINE (or margarita or tea or water)

These are very popular containers and the large size (which my college daughter requested for her birthday) holds a whole bottle of wine!

Why she wanted it I am not really sure…but think it is getting plenty of use.


Maybe this season you could fill it with eggnog (gross) or peppermint martinis or mimosas or….fine, water!

Santa Kathy

p.s All things Corkcicle are great…other than, I must say, the stemless flute…that is just a bit much (imo)

DAY 10

You will feel like leaping (as in Lords a Leapin) in a custom designed pair of Foot-Joys.

Seriously, you can make your own beautiful or hideous design, the options are endless!

FJ shoes

I have a student who has some of the BEST custom designs that I am going to copy for sure! (the Navy Patent is my fav) (you know who you are)

But I bet you could do a Christmas theme with red and green if you wanted to…please send me a pic if you do!

Have fun with this – you can play online!

Santa Kathy

Day 11

On the 11th Day of Golf – it rained.

BUT, good news, you were prepared because you had some cool rain gear specially designed for women by my friend and fellow LPGA member Kathy Grant Nyman. As I mentioned in a previous email, I appreciate women entrepreneurs and she has worked tirelessly on her company so check it out below! AND Kathy offered a 20% off Discount Code to you all: RAINGIRL20


Rain happens…even in the 12 Days of Golf so you want to be prepared.

Stay dry!

Santa Kathy

p.s. Kathy Grant Nyman also loves Crazy Compression socks and frequently gives them as gifts. You can probably find a color to match your custom Foot-joys. (We love Bomba socks in our house but I will try these)


Day 12

On the Day 12 you can treat yourself…and pack up all your goodies in this travel bag.

No slumming…Just like the Drummers Drumming…you will be very becoming and probably humming when you arrive with this OGIO travel bag. (You know I had to go out with a rhyming bonanza)

Ogio BagSeriously a great bag…got one for Mark for our anniversary in November (and 1 for myself so I made sure I had a gift). It holds a ton and has a bunch of pockets…which I like.

Many golf shops carry OGIO bags (golf bags and travel bags). I got mine at Fiddler’s Elbow Golf Shop – call and if not in stock, they may be able to get you one tout suite or order online.

So pack up all of your Christmas goodies and shove them (or gently place) in a new OGIO travel bag.

Santa Kathy

p.s And that is it my friends! I hope you got some inspiration and buy yourself, a friend, or a loved one a golf gift this year.

I wish you a SUPER fun and Merry Christmas or Hanukkah and, of course, an amazing 2020.



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