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3 Exercises to For Strong Hands and Loose Grip

3 Simple Exercises to Build Your Golf Muscles

Do you hold the club like you are holding a baby bird?

Or like a gorilla that has to peel its fingers from the club?

The “baby bird” analogy is super old and I would honestly have to say that a small bird might not actually survive my swing.

But the analogy has proven effective for those golfers with a death grip. Is that you?

You know are squeezing too hard if:

  • you ever find yourself shaking out your hands when you hit balls or play golf.
  • your shoulders and arms hurt after a round of golf
  • you are trying to kill the ball
  • you lose your balance consistently
  • you had glue spew out of the end of the grip. Ok…that is an exaggeration.

All of this is a sign that you are squeezing the club way TOO tightly.

Some of this gorilla-like grip pressure is from the false belief that the club is going to fly out of your hands.

Worn-out grips and wet grips are the only two reasons that I have EVER seen a club fly down the range or golf course.

This is the thing, a tight grip actually slows down your swing which costs you distance. When you lose distance you naturally start to try to get it back by jumping at the ball, swinging harder or faster. None of this really works in the long run and just creates some nasty habits that are not very repeatable.

In other words, you get worse instead of better. 

BUT I do have some good news. Some of this “gorilla grip” comes from a lack of strength in your hands and forearms.

How many of us go to the gym and deliberately exercise our forearms? (ok, me)

I actually NEVER see women work on forearm strength in the gym.  I mean, why would you…unless you wanted to hold the club with less effort so that you could create more club head speed and hit it further… 😉

And you don’t actually have to go to the gym to work your forearms and hands.

I have some exercises you can do on the range or at home that will help you gain strength in both your hands and forearms.

Quit being a gorilla, check out the video below and start holding the club like it is a little bird.

You CAN do this!

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