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 Evalutaion SCORECARD

**Read this page for explanation**

This scorecard is really going to open your eyes to where you spend shots most of your shots. Collecting data while you play reveals exactly where you need to focus your time when practicing.

On the scorecard I benchmark 75 yards as the starting point for calculating the short game. This is a general number based on how far you hit the ball.

I determine short game from a full PW and in. So if you hit a PW 100 yards, change the 75 on the scorecard to 100. Your PW is your longest wedge and any distance shorter than that would be considered short game.

Use the key at the bottom of the scorecard to deduce what stats to best track. Check out the example below:


Driver: Record if you hit the fairway. If you missed, record which side of the hole, fairway bunker, pop up, etc.

Shots to 75 yards and in. Here you count how many shots it took you to get close to the green or within your pitching distance (you pick that yardage). This number gives you feedback on your Long Game.  A higher number may reflect that you need to take a closer look at exactly WHERE you are using these shots. For example, penalty shots, topped shots, struggle getting out of the rough, etc. COUNT HOW MANY SHOTS IT TOOK FOR THE BALL TO PASS THE 75 YARD MARK (OR THE 100 YARD MARKER)

Pitch: Record if you hit a pitch shot with an X. Make an additional note if you hit it short, fat, thin, over…etc. The key is on the bottom of the scorecard. If you hit 2 pitch shots, record 2.

Chip: Record if you hit a chip shot with an X. Make an additional note if you hit it short, fat, think, over…etc. The key is on the bottom of the scorecard.

Bunker: Record if you hit in the bunker and if you got the ball out. Ue the key for more details.

Green: Record the number of shots it took to get your ball on the green. This is basically your score LESS putts.

Putts Total: Recording your putts can be eye-opening on where most golfers waste a ton of shots.

Shots FROM 75 yards: This shows you how many shots you take close to the green. Add up your pitch, chip, bunker and putts to get to this number.

Score on the Hole: Add them all up and write your score here. This number should also equal the sum of Shots to 75 and Shots from 75 yards (the two yellow lines). It should also add up to the total of the two blue lines, Shots to Green and # of Putts.

This is not complicated….take it one hole at a time and it will be easy.

Collect the data, review the data and work on the weakest part of your game before anything else. This is the best way to lower your score.

You CAN do this!