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Pre-shot Routine with Dudley Hart

 Pre-shot Routine

A pre-shot routine actually has a valuable purpose. You likely have a routine but the steps may not be intentional.

In other words, you developed a habit (routine) before you hit every shot but you may not do it on purpose.

Or…you may not be committed to your routine because you don’t realize how important it is to your game. You don’t stop and start over if something interrupts your routine. You change your routine randomly and unknowingly. You talk during your routine – to your playing partner (what?).

Spend some time and watch the steps you take before you hit each ball. Now make it purposeful.

A good routine takes about 12-17 seconds and accomplishes 6 major objectives:

  1. Clubface aim
  2. Body alignment
  3. Ball position
  4. Width of stance
  5. Distance from the ball

A pre-shot routine is a habit you want to fine tune. Make sure that your routine is establishing all 6 of the above objectives and you will increase your consistency and confidence on the golf course.

I teamed up with my brother, Dudley Hart, a 28 year PGA Tour player (and now Champions Tour) to shoot a video on pre-shot routine.

Check it out below.



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