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Your Tool Kit For the Course

You finish this module with a series of tactics to use on the course to help you calm your nerves, stay focused and think clearly so that you can make your best swings.

Try these tools

It is very useful to have a few tools to take with you on the course to help you calm your nerves or quiet your brain.

Sometimes your thoughts are very loud and your nerves or emotions feel out of control.

It happens to everyone. Below, I offer a few different tools for you to try.


This is a breathing tactic that helps bring your thoughts back to your pre-frontal cortex where you can think more clearly.


This is a common tactic that you see good players do that helps them to focus, be present and stop the chatter.

Caddy vs Player

This is a concept that I created to help deferential the roles you play preparing for a shot and over the ball.

You are a caddy who collects data and makes decisions.

You are a player whose job is to make your best swing over the ball.

Watch this video to learn how you can use to this to increase confidence on the course.

Crowding Out Your Negative Thoughts

This useful for when you have a hard time quieting the chatter in your head over the golf ball.

More on Pre-Shot Routine and Thoughts over the ball

Your brain LOVES to save energy and put things on auto-pilot. That is what a routine does. You likely have one but I am sharing more lessons to help you refine it so that you can use it as a vehicle to create certainty and quiet your chatter.

Pre-Shot Routine With Dudley Hart

This is a video I did with my brother, Dudley Hart. He has an impressive golf resume which includes a few wins on the PGA Tour. I thought it would be useful to hear what a Tour player does over the golf ball to help you refine your pre-shot routine.

Pre Shot Routine Consistency

It is not a ‘routine” if it is different every time. Your goal is to have a very consistent routine that helps to minimize the variables in your swing.

Swing Thoughts

How many swing thoughts do you have? When I am referring to swing thoughts, in this video, I am referring to mechanical thoughts. The intentions you have over the ball regarding your stroke or swing.

Many golfers have several mechanical swing thoughts.

This is different than the thoughts you have preparing for the shot or thoughts you have as a reaction to the shot.

I share how many to have and what to look out for in those thoughts.

Takeaway: Tempo thoughts (or feelings) trump mechanical thoughts.