Toe Chip from Rough

Try a toe chip from the rough

Toe Chip From the Rough

A toe chip is where you set up to the ball like a putter but with another club. When you stand closer to the ball and make the shaft more vertical like a putter, it makes the toe of the club the only part touching the ground…thus the name toe chip.


  1. You don’t need to be technically perfect – it is forgiving.
  2. Hitting off the toe is a dead spot so it doesn’t go too far on downhill or fast greens.
  3. The toe of the club glides through the rough making it a good option when close to the green.
  4. It is just your putting stroke with a PW (though you can toe chip with any club).

Watch the videos below for how to hit the TOE CHIP.


Introduction to Toe Chip

This video shows you how to set up to the toe chip. This example is when your ball is on a bare spot as you can hit the toe chip from all kinds of lies. Some golfer prefer to use this shot because it is “safer” than a regular chip stroke (for them).

Toe Chip From the Rough

A short video on how to transfer the shot to the rough.

Avoid trying to help the ball in the air…PUTT with a wedge but allow the toe to brush the ground. The biggest mistake that golfers make is trying to help the ball up. The club never helps the ball up…brush the ground and the ball will go up!

This is a fun shot to practice and can REALLY come in handy in the rough close to the green.