How to Hit it Out of the Rough

There are certain steps to take to hit the ball out of the rough successfully!

3 Steps to Hitting a Ball out of the Rough

There are 3 steps to successfully hitting a ball out of the rough:

  1. Examine your lie. The worse the lie the less options. The better the lie the more options you have.
  2. Select your club based on your lie NOT the distance from the hole.
  3. Position the ball back in your stance if you have a bad or kinda bad lie so that you can hit down on the ball and eliminate the grass behind it.

The number 1 objective is to get the ball back in the fairway!

Watch the video below for a visual explanation.

Pick the Right Club in the Rough

Most rough errors happen because golfers take the wrong club out of the rough – particularly when they have a bad lie.

Watch the video below to give you a starting point on selecting clubs. The most important thing to remember is that you want to discover what YOU can do and which clubs work for you from different lies.


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