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Rough and Course Management

3 Questions to ask yourself before you hit a ball from tall grass

The Rough and Course Management

There are 3 QUESTIONS to ask to successfully hitting a ball out of the rough, and ORDER MATTERS!

  1. How is your lie in the grass? Good, Bad or Ugly
  2. How is your lie relative to the terrain?  Below your feet, above your feet, downhill, flat, etc.
  3. How far do you have to the green or fairway? The distance you WANT to hit it takes a back seat to your lie. First pick a club that can get out of the rough and back in the fairway.

Some of your success out of the tall grass comes from experience and experimenting. I always suggest you start FIRST with your shorter clubs and then work your way up to the longer clubs. For example, if you can hit a wedge easily out of the rough and you find yourself in a similar situation, try an 8 iron next time. You will quickly discover the point of diminishing returns and then making smart choices becomes astronomically easier.