The Golf Brain Masterclass – Private


Your Game and The Possibilities

This is where you get very clear on where you currently stand and where you want to go. You’ll learn how to “take inventory” of your skill set and discover what is truly possible for you and your game.

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My Secret Formula

You learn the formula for creating the results you want with your golf and shed light on why you are not achieving them YET. This formula is the game-changer for giving you back control over your thoughts and emotions on the course.

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Time to Clean Up the Brain Clutter

Here you learn the concept of the belief burger and discover how to clean up all the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back. Ones you did not even know existed.

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The Key Skill You Need

There is a key skill to learn and master and it has nothing to do with mechanics or your swing. It is a feeling and you learn how to identify the one that is ideal for you. Plus, you discover what to do with all the emotions and feelings that you DON’T want on the course.

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Your Tool Kit For the Course

You finish this module with a series of tactics to use on the course to help you calm your nerves, stay focused and think clearly so that you can make your best swings.

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Creating Your Custom Blueprint

I show you how to create a customized game plan for each round that you play so that you are prepared and able to handle all the obstacles that come your way. You will have a BLUEPRINT to Master Your Golf Brain and keep improving and learning with each round.