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Pitching – 3 Types of Shots

There are options when you pitch that are safer than others. To save shots on the golf course you want to assess your situation and adjust.

The Safe Pitch Shot

Use this shot too play it safe, when you have some green before the pin, or when your confidence in the shot is not high. Playing it safe means you minimize the chance of missing and making a BIG number on the whole.

The Basic Pitch Shot

This shot is a higher shot but comes with a bit more risk if you do not have great mechanics. Because the shot is higher than the “safe shot” it will fly higher and stop quicker. Great to use when there is not much green to roll the ball to the pin.

The FLOP Shot

This is a super high shot that is very risky. If you do not hit it well you could skull it over the green or flub it short. Use this shot when you have very little green before the pin or the green is very fast to the pin.

Deciding Which Pitch to Use

Learn more on how to decide which pitch shot to use and when!