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Indoor Lessons – Full

To ingrain a move or a skill you have to repeat it over and over. If you are trying to replace a bad motion with a proper motion, it will feel foreign. That does not mean it is wrong.

The goal is to repeat the motion enough so that when you do the “old” move you recognize that you made the move.

This is a step toward changing it. Most golfers quit improving a “move” or a shot because it doesn’t feel good.

This is a great opportunity for you to work on your swing without going to the course.

This is your progression:

  1. Hip Turn
  2. Shoulder Turn
  3. Backswing
  4. Follow Through and Release

Hip Turn Intro and First Move

You want to work on your hip turn first. If they are not turning in the correct direction, it affects the rest of your swing.

Use a wall for hip turn

Hip turn exercise with a chair

Shoulder Turn on the Wall

Shoulder Turn and Backswing

Practice the “I Dream of Jeannie” drill and then grab a basketball and work on your backswing.

Hip Turn, Backswing and Your Feet

Understand your options with your feet at address to help make your turn easier.

Rehearse a Proper Follow Thru

Many golfers do not take the follow thru seriously. A poor follow thru is a result of what happened in your swing. It is very revealing. Working on your form and making sure that you get into a good position after the shot affects the rest of your swing…trust me here.


The Release and Follow Thru

The word release might be a new term to you. Simply stated it is the rotation of your forearms after impact. This motion is “usually” a natural reaction to the unhinging of the wrist at impact. However, most golfers squeeze the club too tightly or manipulate the clubhead so that the release becomes an issue that affects distance and direction.