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Maximize Power with Grip

It is always good to double check your grip. In fact, it should be the first fundamental you check on every swing. This video is a great reminder of what is REALLY important.

I am a HUGE fan of holding the club properly.

I probably harp on my students way more than they like and way more than the average instructor. I was taught to have solid fundamentals and I know that a good grip is critical for consistency and power.

How you hold the club influences several key components of your golf game:
  • What your club face looks like when it runs into the ball (left, right or square) and the direction of the ball.
  • How tight you squeeze the club which influences club head speed.
  • Your ability to hinge your wrists which influences ball height and distance.
  • Your feel for short shots around the green which influences your score.

Now…I will tell you that most students are very resistant to grip changes. I hear a ton of complaining that it “feels bad” and I get it. I totally appreciate that grip tweaks can be uncomfortable but if you hang in there for about 15-20 practice shots, it will quickly start to feel more natural.

So…a good grip all starts with your left hand – you have to put that on the club first.

Check out this video and make sure you have your left hand on the club properly. It could really be a game changer!