Gripping the Club

Your grip is your only connection with the club so it is important to get this right. You want to check your grip every time you hold a golf club. It does not take very long to create a bad habit.

Left Hand Grip

Right Hand Grip

Pinky Options

3 Grip Habits

Grip Routine


I want 5-10 minutes a day. Put your hands on the club…meticulously! Do not get lazy. The objective is to create comfort with your hand position. If you just slap your hands on any which way you will create comfort with a poor grip.

Bad grips make the game SO much harder to learn and play well in the long term,

And the opposite is also true: good grips make the game easier.

So hands on the club…then off the club…on the club (or swiffer) and then on.

It is just 10 minutes…while you are watching TV…or on a conference call.