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Goals Step 1

You want to be very clear on what you are looking to achieve and what skills you need to improve.

Golf Goals Intro

If we want to improve in ANYTHING, we have to set goals, create a plan and then re-evaluate how we are doing and adjust.

I am here to help you reach your golf goals and this is a huge step of the process.

Even if you do not have huge golf aspirations, I highly suggest you watch this section.

Golf Goals

Let’s set a great golf goal. To start, write down everything you would love to change or have as it relates to golf:

  • score lower
  • putt better
  • learn to hit on uneven lies
  • play in a tournament
  • lower your handicap
  • gain distance
  • get rid of a slice
  • take a golf trip to Ireland

Now pick one major goal that might either encompass all or most of your goals OR create more than one goal (i.e. lower handicap and golf trip to Ireland)

  1. Make it specific and measurable. For example, a handicap, a score, decrease average putts per round, qualify for a specific tournament.
  2. Make it a bit of a stretch. Your brain should get a little uncomfortable with HOW you are going to get this done.
  3. Give it an end date. By when will you achieve this goal?
  4. Write it down in the present tense. “My handicap is 15 by October 1, 2020” is way more powerful than, “My handicap will be 15 by October 1, 2020.” 

When you write it down and state it in the present your brain will look for ways to get it done.

Leave your goal in a visible spot so you can see it on a regular basis.

Don’t forget to download the worksheet to help you create a great goal.

Let’s do this!



There is a difference between wanting and committing to a goal. When you are in a state of wanting you do not take action, you do not get results.

It is important to be committed to your goal that you come up with your WHY.

Why do you want to shoot___? What will that mean? How will it feel when you shoot____?

It does not need to be an earth shattering reason for us to make a commitment. Take a few minutes and come up with several reasons you want to reach your golf goal.

EXTRA CREDIT:  To really get to an empowering reason, keep asking why? 5 times.

  1. I want to break 100 because I know I can. Why?
  2. Because I want to see what I am capable of. Why?
  3. Because I never follow through on things I start. Why?
  4. Because I am afraid of embarrassing myself or failing. Why? What would it mean?
  5. Because I don’t like how I would feel and would beat myself up…so I avoid it.

Clearly you may or may not get to a major epiphany. And if you get stuck I am happy to help you. This is a great little exercise to do to get to the heart of most any problem you encounter.

Be sure to download the worksheet for more questions.