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Get Ready For the Season

5 Key Moves You Need to Work on for a Successful Season

You want to always be in bad habit prevention when you are playing and practicing. Most of that starts with your set-up: grip, posture, aim, ball position and width of stance.

In this video, I review the 5 Moves in your swing that will hep you have a great season but also prevent some bad habits.

  1. Shoulder Turn
  2. Hip Turn
  3. Follow Thru
  4. Left Arm Lead
  5. Flat Left Wrist

Watch the video below for details on each and some extra tidbits as I add in some disclaimers 🙂

4+ Short Game Tips for the Season

As you know the short game where you can save of waste a bunch of shots. I share with you 4 (plus many more) specific tips for each short game.

I discuss:

  • Chipping: How to setup properly and the keys about making a proper stroke
  • Putting: The best way to practice to make the most progress
  • Pitching: The key checkpoints of a pitch shot
  • Bunker: What to do with your clubface and the how to know if you are making the shot harder than you need to.