My Secret Formula

You learn the formula for creating the results you want with your golf and shed light on why you are not achieving them YET. This formula is the game-changer for giving you back control over your thoughts and emotions on the course.

STEAR Around the Course

STEAR is an acronym and stands for:

S: Situation

T: Thought

E: Emotion

A: Action

R: Result

This is a formula that we use as a tool to notice how our thoughts are producing our results or will produce certain results.

We are going to practice using this on a daily basis so that we can get a decent handle on how this is working for us. In later videos, we will learn how to intentionally create the results we want with this formula.


STEAR examples

Here I show you how the formula plays out in different on course situations.

STEAR Basic Rules

There are just a few basic rules to keep in mind as you do STEAR.

  1. No Questions in the T line – If you find you have a question, answer it and then put it in the T-line
  2. Single phrases in the T line. Compound sentences can lead to more than one emotion.
  3. The E is one word. And refer to the Feelings Sheet if you want some guidance.



Grab your worksheets from Module 1 and start to see how they are affecting your golf. If you have any issues, feel free to email me [email protected]