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What Produces Clubhead Speed

What produces club head speed and what doesn't!

Club Head Speed

Ok…so let’s first put this equation together….

Club Head Speed x Contact = Distance

I know what you are saying…”whaaat???”

Club head (is this a compound word?) speed alone cannot possibly create distance. If you take a super fast/hard swing and hit 4 inches behind it, it is not going to go anywhere. Or a more stark example would be if you swung out of your shoes and whiffed.

Consistent solid contact is your priority.

Not that I have that off of my chest…the club head speed component is what is going to create distance. (with solid contact and a square club face).

Where amateurs get into trouble is they equate swinging HARD with swinging FAST. They are not the same.

Most of the time the harder you swing the slower the club travels because you slow DOWN your speed producers instead of speeding them up

Below are a few videos to help you get your head around what actually produces speed in the golf swing.


3 Speed Producers

There are 3 sources of speed or power in your golf swing.

  1. Arms – wide and on a similar path
  2. Wrist – 90 degrees of hinge, flat left wrist and get rid of it at the ball.
  3. Pivot – this encompasses turn and weight shift

Watch the video below for more details.


Distance is NOT…

Swinging harder…

Squeezing harder…

Losing your balance…

Watch below