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Distance Starts Here

Everyone wants more starts HERE!


So you want to hit it further, eh? Yes…everyone wants more distance.

It is, however,  the pursuit of distance that can mess you up.

In this section, I want to go through what you need to focus on first.


If you can hit your ball solidly and can keep it in the fairway…you are WAY ahead of the game.

No…don’t you worry…I will talk about how to generate more speed BUT if you add speed to a ball that slices guess what?

It will go further to the right.

And if you hit a bunch of fat and thin shots and swing faster, guess what?

You hit more of the same or worse.

So let’s talk about Solid, Straight and in Balance first.

Solid Shots

The ball goes further when it runs into the center of the club face. You can lose quite a bit of distance when the ball strikes the toe, heel or bottom of the club face.

The objective is NOT to hit the ball far but to hit the ball consistently so that distance is predictable.

This is a super simple swing thought to help you hit more solid shots. Give it a try…


A ball that curves to the right (for right handed golfers) is a slice. It will not go as far as a straight ball. A draw (small curve to the left) is usually the preferred ball flight for most amateurs because the ball travels further.

Longer clubs slice more than shorter clubs. So while you only notice the ball curving with your longer clubs, you are most likely making the same move with your short clubs (wedge, 9i, 8i, 7i).

If you are slicing your ball, there are 4 main reasons and you can learn about them in the video below.

Balance for Distance

If you hit a good golf shot and are out of balance, consider yourself lucky.

Your consistency, distance, and contact (and did I mention consistency), suffer when you lose your balance during your swing.

So how is your balance? Check out this video