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Distance Drills

Drills to help you maximize your power

Why You Lose Distance

The biggest area where people slow the club down and lose distance is GRIP PRESSURE.

Check out this video as I demonstrate how to establish proper grip pressure before you swing.

Pivot and Power

There are 3 major way you can lose distance with your pivot:

  1. Reverse Pivot – where you weight goes in the opposite direction of a proper pivot.
  2. Lose Balance – Anytime you are out of balance you are likely losing distance and decreasing solid contact.
  3. Bumping Your Hips – That right hip turns back NEVER bumps to the side. You can check out a video I did on that HERE

Check out the video for more details on all of this and how to do the “I Dream of Jeannie” Drill.

Whoosh Drill for Speed

This is a great drill also to help you feel the weight in the head of the club.