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This is a fun short tip on how to keep your grips dry in wet conditions.

I don’t have many pet-peeves in golf or at least I don’t think I do.

I may have to start looking closer but I want to share one that I think will help you the most.

Ya know, I have played years and years of competitive golf…junior, collegiate and professional. One of the hard parts about tournament golf is that you have no choice about the weather. You HAVE to play in rain, wind, cold, heat even snow (it didn’t stick to the ground).

I often practiced in those conditions so that I could figure out how to stay dry during rain, how to stay warm without being constricted, how to focus when you are miserably hot and how to stay steady in the wind. Not to mention I needed to learn how my golf ball reacted in all of those conditions.

ANYWAY, the hardest weather condition for me was always rain. Staying dry while you are walking and golfing in the pouring rain is an art. You have to keep water from dripping in your bag so that your grips don’t get wet, you have to keep your glove dry, you have to be prepared with extra towels, extra gloves, a rain suit, and an umbrella. Once your grips get wet your glove gets wet and the clubs start slipping during your swing.

It is really quite a challenge and just something else to think about when you are trying to focus on your golf game.

SO…while I do not HAVE to play in all of those weather conditions now and YOU certainly do not have to play in those conditions, it does occasionally rains on us during golf.

Or, you may play after a rain or in the morning before the dew has lifted.

If so, you want to make sure that you keep your equipment dry.

I completely understand that you have to experience wet grips or a slick glove (even from sweat) to fully appreciate my pet-peeve.

But, here is a simple tip to keep you dry if you should find yourself in wet conditions.