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Moving Your Ball Mark on the Green

It may seem like a simple task but knowing how to move your ball mark is actually important. This falls into the category of "good to know."

I find a lot of golfers avoid asking playing partners to move a ball mark because they simply do not want to take the time or do not want to inconvenience anyone.

In fact, I witness some pretty amazing things on the putting green.

I see golfers aim around a ball mark…as in aim away from the hole.

I see golfers hit right over a mark a few feet in front of the ball and then watch the ball pop in the air.

I see golfers pick up and move the other player’s mark randomly to the side.

I see the golfer whose mark is in the way pick it up and then with a deliberate movement of the hand place the ball mark conveniently out of the way as if the purposeful picking and placing made the act legal.

This is just crazy to me…and funny.

So…if a ball mark is in your path or you think that it might come close, I encourage you to ask that golfer to move the ball mark.

This request is likely to be asked of you at some point as well and it is important that you move your ball mark correctly…and happily.

Here are few things to keep in mind:

  1. ASK: No one should ever be annoyed at the request to move a ball mark. Golf is a game full of courtesy and etiquette. Do not be afraid to ask someone to move a ball mark.
  2. OFFER: If you suspect your ball mark to be in the way of a player’s putt, offer to move it.
  3. REPLACE:  After the player putts, do not forget to replace the ball mark the same way it was moved.
  4. LEARN:  Watch the video to make sure you move your ball mark the correct way.

Give yourself the best shot possible of making your putt and eliminate anything in your path. This includes pebbles, leaves, debris and ball marks.