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Chipping the Ball — A Low Shot

Learning how to hit this shot is critical to your golf happiness...(kidding but not really kidding).

Learning how to hit this shot is critical to your golf happiness…(kidding but not really kidding). Chipping is an exaggerated impact position so being able to make a correct chipping motion facilitates longer swings.  In this lesson, you learn how to set-up consistently to a chip with easy to remember checks. I show you a simple make-at-home training aid to give you instant feedback and perhaps most importantly, how to control distance.


The Set-Up

Success with chipping is ALL about your set-up. This includes ball position, width of stance, angle of spine and position of hands. You need to set-up purposefully to for consistent shots, in your short game and all shots you want to hit well. 🙂

Chipping – The Basic Stroke

The chip stroke is not complicated but can be counterintuitive to many golfers. Here I discuss the key factors to focus on to make a repeatable swing with a predictable result.

Tempo and Length of Swing

You change the length of your swing to change the length of your shot. Common sense but it only works if you have good tempo. Bad tempo can mess up the best of mechanics.

The Shaft Drill

This is a simple drill to give you instant feedback on your stroke. Exaggerating the follow thru can really help you get a feel for keeping your wrists out of this shot.

Common Mistakes

I think it is important to understand why you are messing up. Here I explain some common mistakes and show you what to look for so you can help yourself when you are playing or practicing.

Ball Toss For Distance Control

This is a great deal to help you with temp and to help you visualize the kind of shot you want or need to hit.


High Handicappers start at Level 1 and work your way up. Here is your challenge for the CHIP SHOT:

Challenge Level 1 and 2

Level 1: Place one aiming stick or club on the front of the green. Take three big steps back on to the fairway and drop 10 balls. Your challenge is hit and land all 10 balls over over the stick. (see video below)

Level 2: Place another stick two paces further on to the green than the first stick. Now hit 10 balls and land as many as possible between the two sticks. Goal is 7. (see video below)

Challenge Level 3

Level 3: Place 3 tees in the green at different distances. For example; place a tee one pace on the green. Take 3 large steps and place another tee. Take 3 large steps and place another tee. Pick your club and hit the first ball to the first tee, the next ball to the second and the third ball to the last tee. The challenge here is that you only have one ball to get your distance control. See if you can control your distance on 3 consecutive shots. Then switch clubs. 🙂

Challenge Level 4 & 5

Level 4VIDEO BELOW – Place a tee on the green and step 3 paces off the green. Using your SW, PW and 8 iron hit 5 chips with each club and try to land close to tee. Observe how far the ball rolls. The more consistent the fly and roll with each club the more consistent your impact position. Notice if there is a ratio of fly to roll that you can use as a formula to help you decide the best club to use with each chip you encounter on the course. For example, on a flat lie to a flat green my PW flies 40% of the distance and rolls 60% (depending on green speed). If need be pace off how far the ball flew to the tee and then how many paces it rolled to get the ratio. Note: If your fly is inconsistent work on controlling the length or your swing and your tempo. If your roll is inconsistent, either your ball position is varying or your wrists are in the swing too much.

Level 5: Do the same drill above but vary the distance you are from the tee. The fly:roll ratio should stay the same. 

Good Luck! 

You CAN do this!