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Week 2 – Common Errors and Drills

Every once in awhile we can struggle in the bunker. There are 3 Common Mistakes in the Bunker. Find which one is your main issue and practice the drill or drills.

  1. No sand or not enough sand. The ball flies past the pin and over the green.
  2. Too much sand. The ball barely gets out of the banker, if at all.
  3. No distance. You seem to hit good bunker shots but the ball has no distance and sometimes doesn’t leave the bunker.

Decide which scenario best fits your bunker play and head to the lessons below.

1. No Sand

If you are not taking enough sand it is for one of two reasons and we need to dig a little deeper (pun intended).

Start with the first video, The Line Drill and determine where you are entering the sand. Sometimes taking no sand can be the club “skipping” into the ball because the club entered well behind the ball.

If you hit behind the the line, do The Circle Drill and Left Leg Drill.

If you are missing the sand all together or hitting well in front of the line, you have balance issues and/or may be folding your arms or coming out of your posture.  Do The Circle Drill and hit some bunker shots with your feet together – hold your finish in each and check the width of your arms.

2. Too Much Sand

First do the Line Drill to determine where you are entering the sand.

If you take too deep of a divot of sand, this is likely a club face issue. Refer back to the Club face Video.

If you hit too far behind the ball this is a bottom of the swing issue, practice The Circle Drill and Left Leg Drill.

3. Good Shot but No Distance

If you are entering the sand in the correct spot but the ball just doesn’t go anywhere, it is for one of two reasons:

  1. You are not taking a big enough swing
  2. Your clubface is too open. Watch the video below.


The Line Drill

The Circle Drill

Not Enough Distance